About the Artist

Grace Fenton is from Albert Mines, New Brunswick. She lives with her Mom, Dad and brothers. Grace loves to spend time with her pets and has a special relationship with her cat, Cosmo Kramer.

img-antibullying-graceGrace is active in sports and has played basketball since kindergarten. Grace also enjoys soccer, swimming and badminton. When not playing sports, Grace loves to paint, read, and play video games.

Although most things in Grace’s life seem perfectly routine, what most people don’t know is that Grace has been teased and bullied since about grade three. With the help and support of her teachers, coaches, and family, Grace has made it through some difficult days.  “Grace is a beautiful girl with a huge heart and you can only imagine how proud I am, as a mother.” Amy Fenton says.

Grace says that the Anti-Bullying flag that she designed represents the help up from those around her and the help we need to give others. Grace was in Grade 7 when she designed the Anti-Bullying flag.

Interview with CBC: Hillsborough student wins award for anti-bullying flag (PDF)